For co-existence, (bio)diversity and justice in conservation

Convivial Conservation: From Principles to Practice

The latest on convivial conservation! Building on a special issue in Conservation & Society and edited by Kate Massarella, Judith E. Krauss, Wilhelm A. Kiwango and Robert Fletcher, this volume is published by MayFly Books and available for purchase or open access download here

“Drawing on a rich mix of disciplinary perspectives and diverse case studies centering on human-wildlife interactions, the authors demonstrate the potential for transformation in biodiversity conservation that supports human-wildlife coexistence. The authors argue that this desired transformation will only be possible if the status quo is truly disrupted, and that convivial conservation has the potential to contribute to this disruption. However, convivial conservation must evolve in response to, and in harmony with, a plurality of ideas and perspectives, and resist becoming another top-down mode of conservation. To this end, a rich mix of visions, ideas, and pathways are put forward to move convivial conservation from principles to practice.  

The wealth of ideas offered in this collection provides important insights for students, academics, policy-makers, conservation professionals, and anyone who wants to think differently about biodiversity conservation and explore how it can be transformed towards a more just and abundant future.”