For co-existence, (bio)diversity and justice in conservation


Convivial (literally: ‘living with’) conservation offers a new and integrated approach to understanding and practicing environmental conservation. It is a Whole Earth vision that responds to the major ecological, social and political-economic challenges facing people and biodiversity in the 21st century.

Convivial conservation is inspired by many collectives and individuals doing conservation differently and holistically. Several research projects are ongoing to learn from their practices and to support them by providing a vision that unites different struggles in pursuit of a socially and ecologically just conservation. The idea is to build on promising examples to develop a general conservation model embodying more convivial principles both within these sites and elsewhere.

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About our logo

The primary inspiration for our logo mark was the idea of “radical”, coming from the latin word radix, or roots. Of course there are many sources of inspiration: from tree roots to the bottom of giant lily pads. But you can find it in other instances too: the reflection of light on water; the tributaries of streams to a river; even in the cracks in a side walk. We find a lot of symbolism for convivial conservation in this: confronting root causes and creating crack in the system; or one stream in a broader river of movements. The longer you think about it, the more you can see! We hope you discover something unique when you see it too.

This logo was designed and conceptualised by Swadha Pardesi, a science communication illustrator. You can find more of her work here: swadha.pardesi


Convivial conservation has been discussed in a variety of print, audio and visual media, including the following:


Convivial conservation is conceptualised as one stream within a broader societal transformation to sustainability. We are proud to work together with and/or get inspiration from the following like-minded projects and initiatives: