For co-existence, (bio)diversity and justice in conservation

Video and podcast on convivial conservation now online

What is convivial conservation?

The inaugural episode of the convivial conservation podcast asks Prof Bram Büscher (University of Wageningen) to answer this question in a slightly unusual format: drawing inspiration from The Office, Dr Judith Krauss, CONVIVA post-doc at the University of Sheffield, asks him to explain it to her ‘like I am five years old’. In the podcast, Bram also discusses the origins of the NORFACE/Belmont-Forum-funded CONVIVA – convivial conservation research project which he co-leads with Dr Rob Fletcher, and elaborates on why the focus came to be on jaguars in Brazil, bears in California, wolves in Finland and lions in Tanzania. Finally, we think about where the CONVIVA – convivial conservation research project is now and what we hope the project will achieve overall. All music was contributed by KO:MI. Thanks very much for listening!

Secondly, in preparation for Rob Fletcher and Bram Büscher’s upcoming book ‘The Conservation Revolution’, a short video making the case for convivial conservation has also just been posted. It asks: How can we tackle nature conservation in a way that helps both people and the planet, now and in the future? See this video that explains convivial conservation: a new approach that tackles the roots of the conservation crisis, challenges market-based and colonial approaches, and focuses on justice for people and nature. Convivial conservation builds on ideas that already exist in practice and theory and is an open approach that requires input from different communities around the world. Thanks very much for watching!